Yin Yoga is a very relaxed yoga style. The very slow and peaceful practice results in a soft stretching of the inner connective tissues and the joints. The practice also stimulates the Meridians (In traditional Chinese medicine, thought to be energy paths) resulting in a better balance for the body and for the mind.

The experience of stillness and that of being present in the room bring about a fine-tuning effect for your body, mind and even more so for your emotions; provided that you allow this fine tuning to happen. The practice allows you to stay present and observe - what is and what comes. You don't always have to succeed – you are allowed to 'simply' be. That is in essence the purpose of Yin. It offers you the option of pausing for a moment, of observation of peace and of awareness.  These are all aspects that our modern, fast paced, urban life sometimes tends to overlook.

The class is 75 minutes long and is practiced in a room heated to 35°C . You can attend the Warm Yin class with the Early-Bird card as well as with all other regular cards.