My yoga card has expired. Are all the classes left on it lost?

If you buy a new card, the validity of your old will be matched to that of your new one. It's that simple. 


When I purchase the starter offer, are the 10 days consecutive or can I choose any 10 days within a 6 month period?

With the starter offer you can in the period of 10 consecutive days come to any of the classes on the schedule. Please be ware that these are 10 days, not 10 classes! Theoretically speaking, you can come to all the classes on the schedule during this period...


I forgot my towel, my mat, my water and my yoga cloths... What now?

 You can rent a mat and towels in the studio for 2 euros each. Water and yoga cloths are available for purchase in the studio.


I'm going to Yoga for the first time. Do I have to register?

Nope. Registration in not necessary. Our yogaroom is quite large and so far, we never had to send anyone home for lack of space.


Do you have changing rooms and showers?

 We have separate (Ladies/Gents) changing rooms and showers. Both are equipped with blow driers. 


I don't speak any German, can I still attend a German class?

 You can attend any of the classes on the schedule. If you don't understand German, you can simply have a look at what the other students in class are doing. All of our teachers speak English as well and will be able to give corrections and assist you in English.


I was ill and couldn't come to yoga. My card has now expired. What can I do?

We're glad you're feeling better! If you can show us a note from your physician, we will gladly prolong the validity of your card. 


I'm leaving Berlin/ I've left Berlin. Can I get a refund for the remaining classes on my card?

Oh... we are sorry to hear. If you move outside Berlin, you can break the 6 months contract and the yearly contract. Unfortunately, all other cards are non-refundable.


I would love to bring my friend to try out a class. Can I simply have my card snipped off to pay for their class?

That sounds great. Unfortunately, the answer is No. The cards are nontransferable. Your friend should buy their own card.