Oh... this heat again?... I was already fat as a kid...the dog ate my sportsbag...this yoga is just for girls anyway... there's never any parking there...


We've heard it all. And naturally, we cannot force you and your inner couch potato to come to yoga. You have to do that yourself, but know, that we were all once in your shoes. There is no reason why you shouldn't jump off the couch and onto the yogamat. You've taken the first step on this site. Take another.


Registration is not required. Just be ontime for class.

For your first class make sure to come in about 30-20 minutes before class starts.


You can start with any of the classes offered. There is no division into beginners and advanced practitioners. Each starts at their own level.


Take as many breaks as you need. This isn't a competition. Listen to your body.


Try to avoid eating any solids 2-3 hours before class.


It will be very warm so you should drink a lot of water before and after class.


Bring light sportswear, two large towels and a bottle of still water (No glass bottles please)


During your 10 day starter period you get a mat for free. 


Please let the teacher know of any health related issues you have before class starts.


Doors open 30 minutes before class starts. No entry once the class has started.


Practitioners under 18 should bring a parental letter of consent  for participating in class.


For further questions please see our FAQ page.